Wednesday, February 24, 2016

OUR LOVE STORY "But He's the Boy I Love!"

Except for Fawcett's short-lived Negro Romance, there were no love comics stories that featured African-American protagonists...
...until this tale from Marvel's Our Love Story #5 (1970)!
Written by Stan Lee, penciled by Gene Colan, and inked by John Romita Sr, this tale does use a couple of heavy-handed cliches to try to give it "relevance".
But at least they tried...
For the record, Jack Kirby's Soul Love was just being conceived at this point.
The story of that never-produced title can be found HERE.

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  1. Why am I only just now discovering this incredible blog? It's magnificent! I know what I'll be doing this evening...

    1. "Why am I only just now discovering this incredible blog?"

      Because you've been busy with your own must-read blogs that any serious comics aficionado can access by clicking on your name?
      (I follow them religiously.)

  2. I remember some other black romance story about a young female reporter trying to snoop up a recluse author, or something like that, I think it might have been a DC story.

    I read it in Swedish, which made it feel even weirder, since Sweden lacked a comparable minority pop culture in the 70's, it only started to appear in the 80's with the import of movies like Fame and Beverly Hills Cop.


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