Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SOUL LOVE "Fears of a Go-Go Girl!"

Jack Kirby (along with Joe Simon) created the romance comics genre in 1947...
Cover art by Jack Kirby for the unpublished Soul Love #1
In 1971, Kirby pitched the idea for a new line of b/w comic magazines for an older (15-30 year old) audience which would include two romance series; True Divorce Cases and Soul Love.
Complete first issues were written and drawn, but the publisher killed most of the the books before they went to press.
Only two titles ever saw print: Spirit World (psychic phenomena) and In the Days of the Mob (about 1920s-30s gangsters).
Here's one of the stories from Soul Love, scanned from the original art...
Written and penciled by Jack Kirby, inked by Vince Colletta.
Since the magazine was b/w, the art would be photostatted, then gray wash tones would be added as shown in this printed page from The ButterFly, a strip about the first Black superheroine (predating Storm of the X-Men) that appeared in the 1971 b/w magazine Hell-Rider.
You can read about her HERE.
Soul Love would have been the second romance comic oriented to a Black audience.
The first was the 1950s series Negro Romance, which we covered HERE.

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