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This blog was intitiated in 2011 in response to the cancellations of two of the few remaining TV soap operas... it's only appropriate that we present the longest-running romance comic soap opera, patterned on the fondly-remembered tv/radio serial format!
Be here next week, when we continue after this extremely-awkward pause.
Written by Jack Miller, penciled (and possibly inked) by Gene Colan.
Beginning in Secret Hearts #110 (1966), this strip presented the longest ongoing plotline in DC Comics until the 1980s with an astounding 29 chapters...and an actual conclusion to the plotline.
There were several other attempts at serial storytelling in the DC romance titles...
3 Girls..Their Loves...Their Lives... 22 chapters in Heart Throbs.
Lisa St Claire 10 chapters in Young Love.
Confessions 6 chapters in Girls' Love Stories.
20 Miles to Heartbreak  4 episodes alternating between two titles, Young Love and Secret Hearts.
Am I Too Young for Love? 3 chapters in Heart Throbs
Love is What it's All About 3 chapters Young Romance
3 Loves...1 Broken Heart! 2 chapters in Young Love
My Time to Love 2 chapters in Girls' Romances
...but this was the longest.
None of them has ever been reprinted in its' entirety, though individual chapters have popped-up here and there.
We'll be presenting one chapter a month, spread over two consecutive weeks.
Secrets revealed!
More characters introduced!
 We can guarantee that...
You'll Cry Your Eyes Out if You Miss It!
(Oh, you've heard that, eh?)

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