Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to True Love Comics Tales!

Do you miss soap operas?
Yeah, us too.
So, where can you go for a weekly dose of passion, betrayal, redemption, heartbreak, true love, and all that other kool stuff?  (Besides at work or school?)
Right here, of course!
Every Wednesday, we'll present the best stories from vintage romance and teen comics of the 1940s thru 1970s, with a heart-rending tale from a different era each week!
You'll see...
Fashions that Time Forgot!
Social Conventions that Defy Logic!
Annoying Co-Workers and Bosses!
Domineering Parents! 
Siblings from Hell!
Smart Women Who Make Dumb Choices!
Studly Men Who are Really Sleazeballs!
(Plus, Studly Men Who AREN'T Sleazeballs!) 
Kissing and Making Out!
Oh, Lord! LOTS and LOTS of CRYING!
All presented exactly as they originally appeared!
You'll see the stories that enthralled and titillated your parents (and even grandparents)!
And some of the stories your grandparents DIDN'T want your parents to read!
Best of all, it's FREE and TOTALLY SAFE FOR WORK / SCHOOL!

Next week, we start off with the socially-relevant 1970's tale behind the cover shown above!
You'll cry your eyes out if you miss it!

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If we get enough hits, we can go DAILY (Mon-Fri) with a different tale each day!
(We have a lot of comics!)

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