Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TIFFANY SINN "St Louis Stake Out"

The "CIA Sweetheart" is back (and on the cover, yet)...
Art by Dick Giordano
...and she's about to discover spy organizations don't place "employee relations" high on their list of priorities...
If you picked up the next issue of Charlton's Career Girl Romances, you didn't see "Three Shots of a Laser"!
Tiffany Sinn was MIA (Missing In Action)!
She re-surfaced several months later, in the back of Secret Agent #10 (1967) as shown HERE, with the plotline resolved by a flashback showing Tiffany shooting Rex's masked brother Al seconds after the end of this tale, and then, apparently, forgetting all about Rex!
Weird, eh?
Why the radical shift in storyline?
We'll never know, since there were no other Tiffany Sinn tales published...
This particular story from Career Girl Romances #39 (1967) was written by her co-creator Gary Friedrich and illustrated by Luis Domiguez, who, unfortunately, never had a high-profile ongoing series.
Instead he wandered all over the industry, doing almost 700 stories and covers in every genre imaginable...except super-heroes, which may explain why he's not better-known.
Western fans know him as the second, and longest-running, artist on the original Weird Western series of Jonah Hex.

I'd like to offer an extremely grateful "thank you" to reader ianintheuk for graciously providing the scans in this post!
Thank you, Ian.
It's pop culture fans like you who make this sort of sharing both fun and worthwhile.
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