Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TIFFANY SINN "To Save an Agent"

Career Girl Romances featured secretaries, nurses, models, waitresses...
...and, briefly, a secret agent!
Hey. it was the 1960s, and working for the CIA is a career!
It doesn't look like Rex made good on his promise!
The cad!
I don't have the second story to refer to, and the last tale Tiffany tale (which we ran HERE) only mentions him in a flashback and makes no reference to Tiffany and he being married.
(The fact she's still Tiffany Sinn, and not Tiffany Swift from an era when wives almost always took their husband's name is a tip-off.)
Written by Gary Friedrich, penciled by Charles Nicholas, and (probably) inked by Vince Alascia, this premiere tale from Charlton's Career Girl Romances #38 (1967) was a real change of pace for the rather sedate comic!
Tiffany appeared as the lead feature in the next issue...then disappeared!
Her next (and last) story after that was in the one-shot Secret Agent #10 (1967), with a new creative team and the possibility of more adventures.
BTW, thanks to Jacque Nodell, writer of the superb romance comics blog Sequental Crush, for doing a kool, informative post about Career Girl Romances, prompting me to do this entry!
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  1. Hi I have the second story but have no idea how to post it on your log or the internet are you interested ?

  2. Very much so.
    If you want, send the files (jpeg, png, gif, etc) to BrittReid at (Substitute "@" for "at") and we'll run it after Halloween with a credit (and link to your website/blog).
    Thanks for the offer


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