Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OUR LOVE STORY "Model with a Broken Heart"

It's a '70s story with a '40s feel...
...because the scripter was a child of the Swingin' 60s-70s, and the illustrator was one of the greats of the Golden Age.
The story has a weird feel to it, like one of the 1940s-50s tales updated for the 60s-70s.
But I'm assured this never-reprinted tale from Our Love Story #14 (1971) was, in fact, written and illustrated in 1970-71!
Scripter Gary Friedrich began penning comics in the late 1960s, including Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos, the cowboy Ghost Rider, and the Steve Ditko-illustrated Blue Beetle.
But he began his career doing romance comic stories at Charlton!
Later, he would co-create the motorcyclist Ghost Rider and the first Black superheroine, ButterFly!
Tarpe Mills was one of few female writer/artists (let alone female writers or artists) in the Golden Age.
Besides working on a number of established series, she created one of the first superheroines; Miss Fury!
Tarpe retired from comics in the early 1950s, returning in the '70s to do this romance story under the pen-name "JT Mills" (short for her full name, June Tarpe Mills) and a cover for a Miss Fury reprint trade paperback.

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