Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SINISTER HOUSE OF SECRET LOVE "Bride of the Falcon" Part 4

Kathy Hammond's romantic dream-come-true is rapidly becoming a nightmare!
Count Lorenzo Di Falcone, the "man of her dreams" is showing himself to be a hot-tempered bully.
She finds her pet dog lying dead in the garden.
And when the handsome gondolier who ferried her to the castle shows up and tries to warn her of danger, he is attacked and apparently killed by the Count's falcon...
Will Kathy's now fully-functional senses enable her to make sense of the frightening goings-on at Castle Falcone?
Be here Friday for the fear-fraught finale...
Written by Frank Robbins and illustrated by Alex Toth and Frank Giacoia, this book-length tale from DC's Sinister House of Secret Love #3 (1972) is considered by many to be one of the high points of the title's all-too brief run.


  1. Oh, Lorenzo, you want an older woman...

  2. If this was any more delicious it would be fattening.


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