Monday, October 21, 2013

SINISTER HOUSE OF SECRET LOVE "Bride of the Falcon" Part 3

Kathy Harwood , who believed her deafness kept her from finding someone who would love rather than pity her, travelled halfway around the world to Venice to meet and marry a mysterious man whose poignant love letters wooed her across the ocean.
When she finally met Count Lorenzo Di Falco she discovered he too, had a handicap; the right side of his face was heavily-scarred from an accident with his pet falcon!
In addition, the Count is caring for his invalid mother, a quadriplegic who cannot speak.
Kathy and Lorenzo make plans to wed, but must wait until Mama Di Falco either gives her approval, or passes away.
Kathy begins nursing Lorenzo's mother in the hope of convincing her to allow them to wed, but the old woman seems immovable...
What is the secret Roberto may not live long enough to tell Kathy?
(And how does he even know about such a secret?)
The questions are piling up, and the answers are there...if you know where to look!
Be here Wednesday for both questions and answers...
Written by Frank Robbins and illustrated by Alex Toth and Frank Giacoia, this book-length tale from DC's Sinister House of Secret Love #3 (1972) is considered by many to be one of the high points of the title's all-too brief run.

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