Thursday, February 7, 2013

MODELING WITH MILLIE "Crisis at the Hanover Agency!"

Returning to New York from a trip to London, fashion models Millie Collins and Chili Storm run into British model Jill Jerold (whom they had just met in London) at the airport.
They introduce her to their boss, Howard Hanover, who immediately offers Jill work!
But the English model's first day proves eventful when a scandal rears it's ugly head...
Don't ya just love a happy ending?
So, after this auscpious debut, whatever happened to Jill Jerold?
Be here tomorrow for the answer!
BTW, this never-reprinted tale from Marvel's Modeling with Millie #48 (1966) was created by Denny O'Neil (writer) and Stan Goldberg (artist) with inking assists from Jim Mooney and Jack Abel.
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