Friday, February 8, 2013

Whatever Happened to Jill Jerold?

Jill Jerold became one of the Millie the Model ensemble...
...appearing in most stories (such as this one) as well as in pin-up pages, both with the other models...
...and solo pages.
But, when Millie transformed from soap opera to Archie-style humor...
...Jill disappeared from the series!
From 1967 to 2009 (32 years), Jill was nowhere to be seen in the Marvel Universe, not even a cameo!
In 2009, the Models, Inc. mini-series revived the Millie ensemble (including Jill), this time firmly-set in the Universe itself...
 ...and even gave Jill some play with Johnny (Human Torch) Storm!
Let's see if she'll pop up somwhere during Marvel NOW!...
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