Thursday, November 8, 2012

GOTHIC TALES OF LOVE "Legend of the Seventh Virgin" Conclusion

According to legend, six novices living in a Cornish convent strayed from their vows and were turned to stone. 
The seventh faced quite a different fate. 
Years later when the convent became the family mansion of the St. Larnston family, fate beckoned to another young virgin.
Kerensa Carlee was only a cottage girl, but she possessed great ambition and greater beauty -- and she knew how to use them both.
Working in the legend-haunted mansion as a lady's maid, Kerensa began her perilous journey into womanhood.
She stirred old memories and mysteries, and brought to that quiet corner of Victorian Cornwall moonlight madness and an ancient vengeance . . . .
By the time this premiere issue of Marvel's Gothic Tales of Love appeared in 1971, Legend... was a certified best-seller and considered a classic of the genre...
So, presenting a condensed version of the novel was a clever marketing tool to boost sales of the new magazine.
Unfortunately, Gothic Tales of Love only lasted for three issues before disappearing into the mists of time...
Note: With over two hundred books credited to her various pen-names, Eleanor never published a single book under her married name, though she had numerous stand-alone novels and several novel series under her maiden name, Eleanor Burford (all of which were written after she married)!
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