Thursday, October 20, 2011

DARK SHADOWS "Touchy Situation" Conclusion

It's almost Christmas at Collinswood and with most of the Collins family away, Victoria Winters visits Barnabas at his home tucked away at the edge of the property.
But there are others around Collinswood...others who don't belong!
One is an itinerant wanderer who, desperate for food, enters thru an unlocked window.
And, the empty mansion proves to be a tempting target for two recently-released convicts who plan to take everything they can carry.
Victoria encounters the criminals, who chase her to the edge of the cliff, where she now hangs precariously...
That's a story for another time...
This was #1 of the second four-issue miniseries based on the 1991 revival.
There was one more mini-series in the works, but it ended after only one issue was printed as the publisher abruptly went out of business.

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