Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DARK SHADOWS "Touchy Situation" Part 1

Remember the gothic tv soap opera Dark Shadows?
This is it...but it's not it!
Read on, and all will be explained...
 This is why we call these chapter endings "cliffhangers".
Story by Maggie Thompson, art by Jose Pimentel.
This comic series from 1993 presented new stories based on the prime-time revival that ran for half a season in 1991. (Despite excellent ratings for the first couple of episodes, later eps were constantly pre-empted by news coverage of the first Gulf War, and the show never regained the audience.)
The tv series revival adapted the original soap opera's storyline from the point where Barnabas was freed from his coffin to the first time-travel story featuring Victoria witnessing how Barnabas became a vampire in 1795 Collinsport.
The comic presented sequel stories that went in a different direction than the later tales in the original tv series, creating a new continuity, much like the 2009 Star Trek movie did.

Before we forget, be here tomorrow for the conclusion to this issue!

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