Wednesday, June 6, 2018

JON JUAN "World's Greatest Lover"

As promised, here's Jerry Siegel's concept of a romantic leading man... illustrated by Alex Schomburg for Toby's Jon Juan #1 (1950)
Is it just me, or does anyone else need a shower to help themselves feel clean after reading this?
"I'll give her Smile Number Three...the one I reserve for emergencies! It never fails!"
"Can I help it if their neglected women cast lovelorn glances in my direction? Can I be blamed if my nimble tongue sought out the proper words to solace thwarted femininity?"
Women are foolish and easily manipulated, according to this story.
"Like a thousand women before her...and a thousands yet to come...she surrendered!"
Note that in the origin tale, Jon wears Superman's color scheme!
Do you want to see the rest of Jon's extemely-brief run?
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