Wednesday, June 7, 2017

LOVE 1971 "Reckless Losers"

We were gone for a month while we moved into a new home...
...but now we're back with a slew of stories for your summer reading pleasure starting with the torrid tale under this psychedelic Charlie Armentano cover!
Written/pencilled by Ric Estrada and inked by Tony DeZuniga, this cover-featured, never-reprinted story from DC's Super DC Giant #21 was the only new tale in the 64-page book.
The rest were reprints with hairstyles and clothing "updated" to the then-current styles!

Note: Charlie Armentano did only two comic pages that were ever published; this cover and the back cover of DC 100-Page Super-Spectacular #5 Love Stories (1971)!
The art was apparently submitted with coloring done on the original art itself, unheard-of at the time...
I've been unable to find anything else about him on the Net.
If anyone has anything to share, please do so!
Next Week...
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