Wednesday, May 10, 2017


With Rita out of her coma (and breaking her engagement with Greg), Karen should be happy!
But she's experiencing self-doubt about her love, even turning down Greg's marriage proposal!
Disillusioned, Karen prepares to leave town...
With a classic "only in soap-opera" miscommunication, the series ends on a joyous note!
Did Karen and Greg live "happily ever after"?
What do you think, dear reader?
This chapter of "Reach for Happiness" from Secret Hearts #138 (1969) was written by Barbara Friedlander and Jack Miller, penciled by Jay Scott Pike and Jack Sparling, and inked by George Roussos (except for the cover which publisher Carmine Infantino penciled and editor Dick Giordano inked).
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  1. First, let me say how much I enjoy all the comics you're continuously uploading here. Thank you so much for your hard work!

    I've now read the whole "Reach for Happiness" series - I refrained from commenting on earlier episodes, because I wanted to see how it would end, but I'm ready to pour my heart out. ;)

    First, I'm not an expert on soap-opera comics (or comics in general, for that matter), but I feel the whole series went through more retcons than Star Wars, the biggest one (I think) being the change in how Rita's character was being written. First she's the villainess, using Greg to get ahead in life, then she suddenly loves him with all her heart? Incidentally, Rita was my favorite lady and I wish it were her who got the ultimate, last-page happy ending (not with Greg, mind you - more on that later). So let's talk about the characters...

    Honestly, Karen was a little too broody for my taste (I get being devastated after the death of her husband, but jeez, girl, there are better things to do than mope over a man who clearly doesn't spend much time reciprocating your angsty feels). At the same time, she could stand her ground with most people, had plenty of class and was able to put her troubles aside to help her friends and family in need, so can't say I didn't like her. Girl's got game, half the male cast was pining for her (not that it helped her much).

    Now Rita, on the other hand. Poor girl had to suffer in a relationship with a total cad (as I said, more on that later), endure his snotty, too-good-for-the-likes-of-you friends' snarky comments, repeatedly reject unwanted advances of another man, and fight her way through a coma, only to emerge victorious. Yes, I think Rita is the real winner here. She's pretty, smart, doesn't take sh*t from anyone, and finally, she makes the right decisions (debatable, but it was certainly right to call off her engagement to Greg, she sure dodged that bullet). Plus, she can do an effin' somersault, how cool is that.

    In all seriousness, I would have loved to see Rita marry an upper-class boy (or even better, become a rich and successful singer) and shove a middle finger up those snobs' noses. Lila was particularly awful in that aspect, why didn't anybody call her out on that? Honestly! Peggy was a little cranky (understandably so), but her character improved considerably after her beloved became available again (I think it was sweet of her to make Rita feel welcome - or less unwelcome - at the party). Joanie was a teenager, so not much to expect there, but she was a sweet girl and Richie better watch out, he’s the lucky one here!

    As for the male cast, it was all a big pile of meh, can’t really write anything about any of them, besides Greg. And this is what I can say about the main male cast member of the whole series:

    What an awful person. I honestly don’t know what Karen (and Rita, who fortunately used her brain and skedaddled outta there) ever saw in him. Yes, he was handsome and a doctor, qualities which I’m sure were the most any woman could want in a husband in those days, but not much to add to that. As for why I wouldn’t touch that crap with a ten-foot pole, I’ve got a few reasons.

    First, he was a huge hypocrite: he flipped out over Rita calling Ray Silva to ask a favor, but resented her jealousy (slightly more founded, might I add), seeing nothing wrong in his actions. He was also jealous of Karen’s ‘adventures’ in Hollywood, which was even worse, she wasn’t even his girlfriend for f*ck’s sake.

    Second, he was still in a relationship when he kissed Karen (quite a few times), and to the best of our knowledge felt absolutely no remorse (you made out with your ex behind your fiancée’s back, you dickhead, the least you could do is not give Rita shit when she talks to another man ON THE PHONE).

    (continued in the next comment because my rant got too long)

  2. (continued from the previous comment)

    Third, his opinion on women clearly wasn’t very high, because he repeatedly questioned Rita’s mental health, acted condescendingly towards her and Karen, and showed no improvement over the course of the series (I would argue that this apple’s rotted even more with time). I mean, he called his female employee an idiot on the very last page of the whole comic. If I witnessed my potential husband treating women with such disrespect, I would rather go celibate for life than come anywhere near that lout.

    So to answer your question, no, I don’t think they lived happily ever after… Greg, maybe, because Karen’s normally decently-functioning brain tended to switch off whenever he was around, so she could be the perfect housewife he undoubtedly wanted. I imagine he would continue to treat her with condescension and dismissal, so she would have to do her best to convince herself that this is the perfect life she’s always wanted. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe some women like to be treated like inferior beings, but I somehow doubt Karen falls into that category.

    Sorry for the long comment! As you can see, I’m a big fan of your blog, even though I never write a thing. I’m also really curious what your thoughts are on the series, the characters and all - maybe you think I’m totally wrong about Greg and everything? Either way, I would love to read your opinion (like everything else here). Okay, signing off now! Byeee!


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