Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE "Grey Lady of Coburn Manor" Chapter Three: Body in the Garden

Is a ghost responsible for the deaths at Coburn Manor since Suzanne Westwood and Brian Stevens arrived to assess the building's condition before the final sale to the hotel chain they work for?
While the terrifying situation has brought the co-workers' relationship to a more...intimate...level, the body count is climbing...
You may note the cover by Nick Cardy has Suzanne as a blonde instead of the bright red hair she hs inside!
It's possible the cover art was prepared and printed several months before the insides were colored and printed, so the editor might simply have lost track of the character's hair color...
Inker Vince Colletta was the "go-to" guy when a comic publisher needed a story inked fast, though some pencilers complained that, to meet tight deadlines, he would leave out art elements they had taken great efforts to include.
To be fair, his delicate linework was ideal for romance comics as the numerous examples we've posted HERE can attest.
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