Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MY LOVE "Only Myself to Blame!"

...well, who can tell us better than Stan (the Man) Lee?
And now, on with the only two-part tale in Marvel romance comic history...
Sal Buscema took over on inking from John Romita Sr, but otherwise the creative lineup stayed the same for this sequel tale from Marvel's My Love #4 (1969).
Oddly though both this and it's lead-in story were reprinted a couple of times, they were never reprinted either in the same issue or back-to-back issues!
BTW, the cover above says "My Love #38".
It's actually the cover from the previous story, reversed.
This chapter of the two-parter wasn't given the cover, so we decided to run the rather nice John Romita Sr piece as our header.
BTW, when reprinted, this tale didn't appear in My Love #38 or #39!
It appeared in Our Love Story #22 (1973), three years before the previous part was reprinted in My Love #38 (1976)!

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