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...and with that happy semi-resolution, we continue our tale...
As you can see from the ad at the end of the tale, DC had several romance titles going simultaneously!
At that point (early 1967), superheroes made up only about two-thirds of their output in any given month.
For example, the month this issue of Secret Hearts came out, DC also published Falling in Love #90, Girls' Love Stories #126, and Girls' Romances #124 (pictured).
The Young Love issue shown, #61, came out the next month.
The remaining non-costumed character titles included sci-fi anthologies (which had begun adding superhero lead features) war, and humor comics.
Compare that with today's superhero-dominated (and lower-selling) output...

This chapter of "Reach for Happiness" from Secret Hearts #119 (1967) was written by Jack Miller, with layouts and pencils by several different people including Jay Scott Pike, John Rosenberger, Ross Andru, and Gene Colan with inks by several people I can't identify right off.
Be back next month as we continue romance comics' longest-running soap opera!
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