Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ROMANTIC ADVENTURES "Bewitching Buccaneer"

Swashbucking rogues have always been objects of romantic desire... this tale featuring a sea-going scalliwag in the Errol Flynn/Tyrone Power mold proves!
Romances set in the Old West were a popular sub-genre of both comics and novels in the early 1950s.
In fact there were a number of titles like Range Romances, Golden West, and  CowGirl Romances!
This story from ACG's Romantic Adventures #8 (1950) may have been a test to see if comic readers were interested in historical romance tales set in other time periods.
Since pirates were popular in novels, it was thought they'd sell equally-well in comics.
However, reader response must have been lackluster, since such "historical romances" remained few and far between on the four-color pages.
BTW, Anne Bonny was a real female pirate, and will be the subject of this week's post on our "sister" blog Heroines this Friday, when we re-present the first story in her short-lived comic series!
Written by series editor Richard E Hughes, illustrated by Charles Sultan.
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