Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LOVE MYSTERY "Death Take All" Conclusion

A funny thing happened between the first and second parts of this story...
...we lost track of Part 2 and ran a story prepped and scheduled months in advance to coincide with Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day!
(You can do that on Blogger.)
Sometimes it's a lifesaver, especially when you're writing and producing numerous blogs as we do.
Not this time...
Now, back to the story...
Sports reporter Don Black becomes romantically-involved with Norma Brisbey, whose father owns Buckeye, the odds-on favorite to win in the $100,000 Gold Cup Horse Race.
But threats to both the owner and Spider, the horse's jockey, and an attempt on Mr Brisbey's life convince Black there's a conspiracy to rig the race.
Returning home from visiting her father in the hospital, Norma sees someone lurking outside the house, and Don goes to investigate...
This tale of love and legal matters from Fawcett's Love Mystery #3 (1950) was illustrated by Bob Powell, an ideal choice since he was expert at both romance and crime tales!
The scripter is unknown.
Fawcett tried things no one else would attempt including this title and Negro Romance, hoping to find untapped markets.
Unfortunately, in both cases, the audience never materialized, and both books were cancelled after only three issues.

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