Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HOMER HOOPER "Twelve-Dollar Conundrum"

How close can you come to doing an Archie "imitator" without being sued?
Atlas Comics gave it a shot with this series!
This typical tale from Homer Hooper #3 (1953) was scripted by Stan Lee and illustrated by Hy Rosen.
Besides the blonde (who was well-off but not rich), the red-headed lead and the nasty frenemy, the series also featured a brunette, Homer's skinny best friend with a big nose, an athlete, brainy nerd, annoyed teachers and principal, etc.
Hy Rosen, who did a credible job as a Dan DeCarlo clone was one of the few artists working in the style who didn't end up at Archie Comics.
In the mid-1940s he added newspaper editorial cartooning to his already-busy schedule.
When comics almost died in the mid-1950s, Hy took on advertising storyboard work to take up the slack, creating the "White Tornado" ad campaign for Ajax Cleanser!
Hy's last work was for Harvey Comics in the early 1990s...on New Kids on the Block and Saved by the Bell comics!
Interestingly, his eulogy at his "home" newspaper, The Albany Times-Union, makes no mention of his comic book work!
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