Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Why is it good girls love "bad boys"?
I guess when the endorphins are flowing, "better judgement" goes out the window, even for the most innocent of us.
This story from Avon's Realistic Romances #16 (1954) was part of a growing sub-genre known as crime romances.
Though not as popular another concepts that mixed genres (Western or military romances), it generated enough interest that one book, Fawcett's Love Mystery, was devoted only to tales that combined romance and criminal activities (usually commited by the guy in the relationship)!
This story was from the second run of Realistic Romances which ran #15-#17.
The first series ran from #1-#8.
A third series from another publisher ran #1, then #8-#9!
So if you're looking to collect this title, there's no #10-#14, but there are two #1s and #8s!

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