Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOTHIC TALES OF LOVE "Legend of the Seventh Virgin" Part 1

Here's the perfect novelette for your iPad or eReader in front of the fireplace...
...from the HTF first issue of Gothic Tales of Love (1975)!
 But you'll only have to wait until tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion!
Legend of the Seventh Virgin by Victoria Holt (pseudonym of writer Eleanor Hibbert) was initially-published in 1964.
It was the fourth in a series of thirty-two stand-alone Gothic novels by the prolific author.
By the time this premiere issue of Marvel's Gothic Tales of Love appeared in 1971, Legend... was a certified best-seller and considered a classic of the genre...
So, presenting a condensed version of the novel was a clever marketing tool to boost sales of the new magazine.
Note: With over two hundred books credited to her various pen-names, Eleanor never published a single book under her married name, though she had numerous stand-alone novels and several novel series under her maiden name, Eleanor Burford (all of which were written after she married)!
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