Wednesday, October 24, 2012

STRANGE WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS "I Talked with My Dead Wife!"

Can the power of love enable a deceased spouse (and mother) to communicate...
...from beyond the grave to protect her loved ones?
In 1950, the writer/artist team of Simon & Kirby created Black Magic, a comic book about unexplained phenomena which quickly became a best-seller.
Their publisher, Prize Comics asked them for another, related series, so they conceived and produced Strange World of Your Dreams.
The theme was dreams and nightmares, with the added aspect of having readers submit their own dreams to be dramatized and analyzed in the comic!
This particular tale from SWoYD #1 (1952), written and illustrated by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, theorized that a deceased mother's love for her child transcended the boundaries of life and death with the unwitting aid of her still-grieving husband, a tale of true love, but not a romance, per se.
SWoYD was an interesting approach to the horror genre, but unfortunately, it didn't sell well enough to survive past it's 4th issue.
Next week:
We wind up our fantasy-themed October posts with a woman who returns from the grave to protect her spouse from werewolves!
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