Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Most sci-fi fans believe love can exist between any sentient beings...
...and, yes, we're referring to hot 'n heavy "getting it on" love, not the "love thy neighbor" type.
I'm sure you were expecting some sort of "Twilight Zone-twist" ending, but weren't sure exactly what it would be.
Luckily, readers of this blog hadn't seen the cover to Charlton's Space Adventures #8 (1953) the way readers who picked up the comic from a drugstore or newsstand saw it, before reading the story...
Art by Dick Giordano
...because it gives away the plot twist!
Illustrated by Dick Giordano (pencils) and Art Cappello (inks).
The writer is unknown.
Next week:
We haven't decided yet what it'll be, but we can guarantee that...
You'll Cry Your Eyes Out if You Miss It!
(Oh, you've heard that, eh?)
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