Wednesday, August 22, 2012

YOUNG ROMANCE "It's a Girl!"

After hearing about Todd Akin, it's no wonder that the worst thing a Republican can hear is...
...and that Republican men in 2012 haven't progressed from the mind-set shown in this 58-year-old tale from Young Romance #65 (1954)!
To be fair, women as portrayed in this story aren't much better.
Lois is a doormat ("...we'll keep him happy! Isn't that what a man's womenfolk are for, after all?"), and JD seems rather butch, as if she had to be as manly as the males around her simply to be competent.
And you'll note JD's (gasp) not married!
It's scary that this seems to be the image of America that Republicans want to return to.

Sorry to vent, but after reading about sheer idiocy like Akins' comments, I feel the need to do so or GO MAD!  

Story probably by Joe Simon and/or Jack Kirby.
Layouts by Jack Kirby.
Pencils/inks by John Prentice
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