Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The hardest-to-find (and most expensive) Marvel romance title... not a comic book, but this three-issue b/w magazine which featured both excerpts from then-current gothic romance novels and original short stories, illustrated by romance paperback illustrators, not Marvel Comics artists.
Published shortly after DC Comics tried and failed with their own gothic romance titles Sinister House of Secret Love and Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, it took a different approach, but was no more successful.
The issues, when you can find them, run from $150 to $400 per issue!
Luckily, we've acquired scans of all three issues and want to run one of the tales here...but which one?
Below you'll find the contents and feature pages from all three issues.
Please have a look and post to the "comments" below as to which one you'd like to see, probably around Halloween.
Note: the only tale we won't run is the two-part "Strange Ecstasy", simply because it's too long to do in less than a week's worth of postings.
Trivia: According to the first issue's "Gothic Roundtable" page, "Strange Ecstasy" was scheduled to run three issues, but they managed to fit it into the first two!
Please have a look and post to the "comments" below as to which one you'd like to see.

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  1. Any idea who the cover artists are?

    1. Unfortunately not.
      No cover art credits in the magazine itself, not can I discern a signature on any of them.


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