Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TIPPY TEEN "Chemical Warfare"

We've done "dark and gloomy" for a month with Gothic and romance comic stories... let's lighten the mood with a tale from Tippy Teen #1 (1965)!
Tower's character, Tippy Teen, was not an Archie clone.
She didn't have two boys fighting over her, as Betty and Veronica did over Archie, but a number of her supporting characters seemed like close relatives to some of Archie's pals and gals.
It's not surprising, since a number of Archie Comics writers and artists were also doing work for Tower, including Dan DeCarlo, Sam Schwartz, Harry Lucey (who penciled this story) and Bob White!
Tippy also had several spin-off comics including Tippy's Friends Go-Go & Animal and Teen-In, which serves as the basis of our Tippy line of kool kollectibles!
Trivia: The story is reputed to be a reworking of a story from Ginger #1, a short-lived title published by Archie Comics that reversed sexes for the characters.
(The lead was a red-headed girl pursued by blond and brunette boys.)
Since I don't have the issue, I can't verify it.
But the cover sorta speaks for itself...
Art by Geo Feese (signed)
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