Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TEEN LOVE STORIES "I'll Be Yours, My Love"

A 1960s romance comic story, but not from a romance comic...
 ...but from a teen romance magazine, published in 1967!
Jim Warren, who built up a publishing business in the early 1960s with titles like Famous Monsters of Filmland, Screen Thrills, Help!, and Monster World, got into comics publishing with a diverse line of b/w magazines (to avoid the restrictions of the Comics Code that controlled editorial content of color comics) including Creepy, Eerie, Blazing Combat, and Teen Love Stories.
To maximize the potential audience for the romance title, it was designed to appear similar to teen mags of the era like Tiger Beat and 16, which it was racked with...
...and, besides comic strips, it included text features, quizzes...
...and even anti-smoking ads!
(illustrated by the legendary Frank Frazetta, no less!)

Of all the Warren Publishing comic magazines, Teen Love Stories was the shortest-lived at only three issues, all of which are very hard-to-find!

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