Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HAUNTED LOVE "Death Waits for Moonrise"

Welcome to a month of Gothic Romance, beginning with manga...
...or more specifically, manhwa, by the first Korean artist in American comics, Sanho Kim.
It's odd to see panel pages in that art style in full-color, isn't it?
We're used to seeing manga and manhwa in b/w or two-color!
Sanho Kim (or Kim San-ho) was already an acclaimed writer/artist in South Korea before coming to the US in 1966.
Illustrating a wide variety of genres including romance, horror, war, and martial arts, Sanho worked primarily for Charlton (who published this tale in Haunted Love #9 in 1975), with occasional work for Warren (where he also wrote the stories he illustrated), Marvel, and Skywald, totaling over several hundred stories.
Sanho returned to South Korea in 1996 and continues to write and illustrate at the age of 72.
He received the Order of Cultural Merit (much like the Kennedy Center Honors in America) in 2008.
There's a kool article about him HERE.
And, you'll be seeing more of his work on this blog.

Next week:
More Gothic Romance 
as we present a multi-part, book-length tale!
You'll Cry Your Eyes Out if You Miss It!
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