Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OUR LOVE STORY "Summer Must End"

It's not Labor Day weekend...yet...
...but this tale by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta still seemed appropriate.
Jack Kirby/George Klein
Wanna know a secret?
This story, which we're re-presenting from 1970's Our Love Story #9, originally-appeared in 1961's Teen-Age Romances #84!
It was even the cover story in T-AR!
The art in Our Love Stories was retouched by art director John Romita to "update" the hairstyles and some of the fashions.
"Why did they do it?" you may ask...
With sales falling on most non-superhero genres in the late 1960s (including Western and war as well as romance), this "updated reprinting" became a common practice on romance comics until the genre all-but died out in the late 1970s.
Publishers would do a new 8-12 page lead story and use retouched reprints to fill out the book.
Editors felt that:
a) the plots were relatively timeless.
b) updating the art was cheaper than totally-redrawing the story. 
c) the artists were better-utilized doing stuff that sold better (like superheroes).
d) the audience for romance comics, unlike superhero comics, changed every 5-6 years anyway, and wouldn't notice the old plots.
BTW, here's the original version of page 1...
Compare and contrast!

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