Wednesday, August 10, 2011

JETTA OF THE 21st CENTURY "My Cosmic Hero"

A romantic summer evening at the drive-in...
...except it's in the 21st seen from the viewpoint of 1952!
(I'm still waiting for my flying car!)
If the art style looks familiar, it's the work of Dan DeCarlo, who helped establish the iconic "look" of Archie Comics!
Dan actually started at Atlas Comics (the 1940s-50s predecessor to Marvel Comics) doing a variety of humor strips before beginning a long-term run on various Archie titles in 1951.
Even then, he continued to work for a number of other publishers, including Standard Comics, who asked him to create, write, and illustrate a teen-humor series.
(Every publisher had at least one of them!)
Exactly whose idea it was to set it in the "far future" of the 21st Century is unknown, but the resultant strip, though extremely derivative of Archie, was unique in the teen-humor genre for it's Jetsons-style setting and "futuristic" slang.

BTW, we're presenting more teen-humor because our post on Tippy Teen was one of the most popular items we've ever run!
(And we have lots of teen-humor material on hand!  Archie Comics isn't the only stuff out there!)

Is there a particular genre (Western, gothic, action, humor, etc.) or time period (1950s, 1960s, 1970s) you'd like to see stories from?
We've posted material from a wide variety of subjects over the past few months.
We'd love to have you post comments so we have a better handle on what types of strips you'd like to see here.
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