Thursday, July 14, 2011

YOUNG LOVE "Love is a Dirty Word" Conclusion

When Last We Left Our Heroine(s)...
Sixteen-year old Amy is thrilled her older sister Carol has a devoted boyfriend, Jackie.
However, Amy feels no one will ever love her.
To complicate matters, their mother tries to keep any males at arm's length from her daughters!
(Her attitude is somewhat understandable, since the girls' father abandoned the family without a word.
But still...)
Then Amy meets Larry and falls for him like the proverbial ton of bricks!
All is right with the world, until...
Jackie breaks up with Carol, who then is crippled in a traffic accident as she rushes to her former lover!
Then, their mother goes ballistic against all men...
The artists on this story were Mike Sekowsky (pencils) and Alex Toth (inks).
If the inking style looks familiar, it's because Toth was the primary character designer for the Hanna-Barbera animation studio from the 1960s thru the 1980s, responsible for the "look" of their "realistic" shows from Space Ghost to Super Friends to Josie and the Pussycats! (as opposed to the more "cartoony" Flintstones)
But, he had started his career in comic books in the 1940s, and liked to return to the field to do a couple of stories every year, as his schedule permitted.
As you can see, he hadn't lost his touch!
In this case, he worked with old friend Mike Sekowsky, who, shortly after this, ended up going full-time into animation design.
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