Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIARY SECRETS "Breaking All the Rules"

Last week, we visited the socially-relevant '70s...
We now travel even further back, to the frantic '50s, for this tale of a small-town girl with big city desires...
Don't you just love a happy ending?
The art is by legendary glamour / good girl artist Matt Baker who did a lot of romance and super-heroine work.
BTW, the original title was "Rx for a Broken Heart", but I think this one works better.
I used the reprint because the original version wasn't the cover feature in the issue it was printed in.
My policy is to show stories that were cover-featured so I have a preview image for the "next week" blurb (and the title was the only thing that was altered).
Speaking of which...

Next week, we bounce forward a decade to the psychedelic '60s with the titillating tale "She's the Hippest Girl in the World"...
You'll cry your eyes out if you miss it!

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