Wednesday, September 11, 2019

TEEN LOVE STORIES "Just Her Luck" Conclusion

..."Another Big Romantic Picture-Story That'll Make You Cry!"?
After purchasing the 2,000th copy of the 2,000th edition of "Escort Magazine"Marion Hill wins a unique prize...24 hours with one of England's most eligible bachelors, best-selling author and man-about-town Aubrey Baron!
Meeting with the handsome and debonair Baron and learning the entire day has been choreographed to provide photo opportunities for the magazine's photographers, Marion, despite being intensely attracted to the attractive writer, intended to remain calm, cool and collected.
That didn't last long, as Aubrey all but swept her off her feet during a day-long whirlwind of shopping and carousing, topped off with a romantic dinner!
The date was everything Marion could dream of...until midnight, when Aubrey suddenly announced the 24 hours were up, and went from warm and affectionate to cold and aloof!

This tale appeared in the second issue of the short-lived 1960s magazine Teen Love Stories (not a comic book, as explained HERE) and was a reprint of a British romance strip that first appeared in Fleetway's Love Story Picture Library #584 (1966).
Of all the ongoing Warren Publishing b/w periodicals (including CreepyVampirella, and 1984), Teen Love Stories was the shortest-lived at only three issues, all of which are very hard-to-find!
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