Wednesday, October 10, 2018

TOMB OF TERROR "What D'You Know, Joe?" / WEIRD "Gruesome Shock"

Here's a tale that's so NOT nice...
...that it was told twice, by two different publishers...using the same script!
The first version, illustrated by Jack Sparling, is from Harvey's Tomb of Terror #13 (1954).
Because it was considered too gruesome (even with heavy editing) to be reprinted, it was never printed in Comics Code-approved color comics.
But, the script, by an unknown writer, was re-used verbatim in a re-drawn version for Eerie Publications' b/w magazine Weird V9N1 (1969) with Cirilo Munoz providing the expanded (6 pages compared to 5 in the original) story's art!
Which version do you prefer, reader?
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