Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Love Poems of Len Wein

The late writer Len Wein was best known as the co-creator of the All-New X-Men...
Secret Hearts #148 (1970) art by Gray Morrow
...including Storm, NightCrawler, Colossus, and particularly, Wolverine!
But before he hit the comics equivalent of the motherlode, Len took writing assignments in a variety of genres, including romance!
And, when DC romance titles needed poems on their intro/contents pages, the then-neophyte scribe was eager to try his hand...
Secret Hearts #146 (1970) Art by Jay Scott Pike
Secret Hearts #147 (1970) Art by Jay Scott Pike
Secret Hearts #150 (1970) Art by Gray Morrow
Young Romance #170 (1971) Artist Unknown
This last one is more an intro than a poem.
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