Wednesday, June 28, 2017

STILL STAR-CROSSED aka Romeo and Juliet: the Next Generation

You have to give Shonda Rhimes credit for chutzpah... isn't many people who would try to do a live-action sequel to Romeo and Juliet!
An update, yes!
Lord knows they've been done to death!
But a live-action sequel?
Now that's chutzpah!
To be fair, the series is based on a popular YA book by Melinda Taub, and Shonda decided to carry the fact that R&J was the prototype for the soap operas of today to its' logical conclusion, making a soap opera out of it, using Taub's book as the lauching pad!
But does it work?
As Dynasty-style soap opera, definitely!
As a sequel to the original story, sort of!
As a historically-accurate period piece, it's on the level of Hercules: the Legendary Journeys!
It's enjoyable, campy fun!
But, hopefully, it'll inspire teens and 'tweens to search out the original R&J in any of the many formats it's available this comics adaptation...
Sadly, ABC has moved Still Star-Crossed from Monday to the "death slot" of Saturday nights beginning July 8, so it looks like they'll "burn it off" and let the show fade into obscurity.
Watch or DVR it before it disappaears!
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