Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Special: MARGIE "Elusive Valentine!"

Here's a never-reprinted Valentine's Day treat...
...from 71 years ago, featuring a teen humor character from the company that later became Marvel Comics!
Until the mid 1970s when Archie Comics became the sole "teen humor" publisher, every company had several titles with wacky teenage protagonists.
Margie, created/written/illustrated by Morris Weiss was typical of the genre...
Irresponsible, impulsive teen (of either gender), constantly-annoyed parents, an annoying younger sibling (usually of the opposite gender to the protagonist),  and various friends.
Initially a backup strip that floated to whatever humor comic needed a 5-6 page filler, she finally got her own title by taking over Timely's Comedy Comics in 1946 as of #35 and holding on to it until #50 in 1950, when the book became Reno Browne: Hollywood's Greatest Cowgirl.
Margie went back to being a floating backup strip for another year before disappearing completely, never to be seen again!
This particular tale (one of the few comic tales I could find with "Valentine's Day" in the title that didn't deal with the famous gang-war massacre!) is from Margie Comics #37 (1946).
Happy Valentine's Day!
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