Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FAST WILLIE JACKSON "Frankie: Soap in My Eyes"

It is said that soap operas have universal appeal...
...and this tale seems to prove it!
Mind you, this was from the era when it wan't socially-acceptible for "real" men to watch soaps!
Illustrated by Gus Lemoine, the script was either by him or publisher/editor Bertam Fitzgerald.
Previously, Gus pencilled shorts and a couple of covers at Archie Comics from 1967 to the mid-1970s.
The Fast Willie books were his final credited work.
(There is a theory that Gus was really Henry Scarpelli, a versatile humor artist who did work for Archie as well as Archie-clone books for both Marvel and DC.
The period when "Gus" was active at Archie was before Scarpelli's credited work appeared there,'s like "Gee, Clark, we never see you when Superman's around! Why's that?"
Lois Lane couldn't prove it, either.)
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