Wednesday, June 24, 2015

COWGIRL ROMANCES "Men Died for My Kisses!"

It's been a while since we've run a Western romance comic... we looked for the most sensational story title we could find!
This 1950 one-shot from Atlas Comics is either #1 (if you go by the cover numbering) or #28 (if you go by the indicia on the inside cover).
The #28 indicates it's a continuation of Jeanie Comics, a teen humor title which ended two months earlier with #27.
As for why it's a one-shot, it seems rival Fiction House released their own Cowgirl Romances simultaneously...or just before...Atlas.
(We ran a couple of Fiction House's Cowgirl Romances stories HERE and HERE.)
Fiction House's title continued for 11 more issues while Atlas' book disappeared after this one appearance.
Neither the writer or artist(s) are known.
Fun fact: Atlas released six different Western romance titles in 1940-50, more than any other comics company...
Cowgirl Romances (1 issue)
Cowboy Romances (3 issues)
Love Trails (1 issue)
Rangeland Love (2 issues)
Romances of the West (3 issues)
Western Life Romances (3 issues)
You gotta give them credit.
When Atlas saw a hot trend, they jumped on it whole-heartedly!
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