Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Harvey and Duke" by Stan Goldberg

In tribute to the late Stan Goldberg, here's a 1970 story illustrated by him...
...featuring a red-headed high-schooler and his clique...but it's not Archie Andrews and company!
Despite taking all the established Archie tropes, reworking them slightly by making Harvey the "new kid in town", and adding Stan Goldberg's extremely Dan DeCarlo-esque art, Stan Lee's final Silver Age co-creation, Harvey, was gone after only six issues from 1970-72!
At least it lasted longer than Stan's previous Archie clone, Homer Hooper, which went bye-bye after only four issues.
The poor-selling series is very HTF and has never been reprinted.
Stan Goldberg went to DC, where he did other Archie-style strips for a couple of years before making his way to Archie, where he worked continuously (with occasional freelance gigs) up to his recent passing.
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