Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CAMPUS ROMANCES "Love was My College Major"

School's back in session, and it's time for your lesson in love...
...from a writer who takes the "book" part of "comic book" to the extreme!
Considering letterers have always been among the poorest-paid of the various contributors to comics, I wouldn't be surprised if whoever did this job said "The hell with it! I'd rather dig ditches. It'll be easier!" after finishing the assignment.
The art for this tale from Avon's Campus Romances #2 (1949) by Manny Stallman and John Guinta tries to compete with the text, but some panels look like the illustration was just an afterthought.
The script, by an author whose name is lost in the mists of history, reads like a radio soap opera, with an incredible amount of "internal monologue" by Karen.
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