Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ARCHIE "Christmas Cheers"

It's comics' all-American most of you don't know him...
...a buck-toothed, layabout, closer to Reggie (who doesn't appear in this tale), than the wholesome teen of today!
Written by Harry Sahle and Ed Goggin, penciled by Sahle and inked by "Ginger" (Virginia Drury), this story from MLJ's Pep Comics #46 (1944) is notable for the debut of two characters; Pop Tate, owner of "Pop's Chocklit Shop" (Called "Tate's" in this tale), and Gabby, a short-lived character who screwed-up other people's lives by continually blabbing things others were not meant to know!
As you can see, the original Bob Montana character designs (which Sahle and Drury matched almost exactly) had not yet been updated to the streamlined Dan DeCarlo versions, which serve as the templates of the characters to this day!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Don't You Just LOVE Christmas?

It's great to be in love!
It's even better to be in love at ChristmasTime!
There's something about the scent of evergreen, the twinkling lights, the jollyness of the season that makes romance even better!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


With the Thanksgiving break over, it's time to get back to class...
...where students are dillgently-applying themselves to the subject at hand!
Moral: if you don't like someone, blackmail them with a lie (if there's nothing truthful that's really juicy).
Ironically, that's exactly the sort of thing we see on prime-time soaps today, almost 60 years later!
This never-reprinted tale from Toby's Sorority Secrets #1 (1954) shows the styles of several noted Golden Age artists.
Among the talents listed as working on the book (but not as to which stories they did) are; Bernard Baily, Ben Brown, David Gantz, and John Rosenberger.
This particular story shows both Baily and Rosenberger's work in certain panels, so we'll go with them as the illustrators.
The writer, though, is unknown.
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