Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CINDERELLA LOVE "Record-Breaking Affair"

Though technology changes, the human heart remains the same... this tale, set long before iPods and digital music, demonstrates!
This story of workplace romance in a (then) high-tech setting was published in Cinderella Love #27 (1955).
If you don't know what "lp records" or "mimeographing" or "filing cards" are, ask your parents.

Trivia: There had been a previous series named Cinderella Love, which was canceled at #15.
At the same time as Cinderella Love, another comic from the same company, called Romantic Marriage, began publishing, continued to #24, then changed it's name to Cinderella Love, ending it's run with #29.
Thus, collectors of romance comics should note that Cinderella Love ran #1-15, 25-29, with no issues 16-24!
Neither Cinderella Love or Romantic Marriages has been used as the title of a comic book since!

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